The Permaculture Student 2 - the Textbook 3rd Edition

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Matt Powers
2018, 3e 2020
full colour + zw/w

How is it different from what's already available? New Research & CollaborationUp-to-date - the last time a book covered this breadth was 1989 in Permaculture: A Designer's Manual by Bill Mollison & the advancements in science have been incredible in the last 28 years - these books reflects those new insights, research, and examples with over 400 pages of clear digestible information in the textbook & over 250 beautiful, full-color photographs and illustrations as well as an almost 200 page workbook with clear, concise, proven formulas, recipes, and guides.
Over 24 Peer Reviewers and Editors - Dr. Elaine Ingham, Darren Doherty, Peter McCoy, Joel Salatin, John D. Liu, Dr. Willie Smits, Geoff Lawton, Larry Korn, & more Fully Annotated - with references to guide and direct students to higher learning in dozens of fields of study It's Holistic & Bridges Disciplines - The Permaculture Student 2 covers more material than other individual book in permaculture: Soil in-depth, Fungi in soil, cultivation and other partnerships, Keyline Design, Transportation, Urban Permaculture, Large-Scale Land & Ocean Restoration, Non-Violent Communication, Holacracy, Carbon Sequestration, Korean Natural Farming, EM, Bokashi, Social Permaculture, & much, much more Designed to change the world by teaching in-depth permaculture to anyone from young adults still in high school and college to adults from all climates and contexts for a brighter future for all.
This book is full of photographs of real-life examples, instructive diagrams, engaging illustrations, inspiring and instructive quotes, and current references that connect, organize, and highlight the current leading examples of applied permaculture in numerous fields and situations. Readers get a clear idea of how they can apply permaculture in their own way in their own lives.
This book is designed for both hemispheres, both imperial and metric, all climates, and all peoples. It is for a regenerative, abundant, and hopeful future.
Written by an experienced professional educator, gardening expert, and curriculum expert A High School Reading Level - with Graduate School-Level Information Aligns & Transcends State and National Science Standards - as a full-year science elective in both a high school and college setting Holistic yet Iterative - Understand Permaculture like never before: retain information in an organized format designed for better retention by a professional educator Unifying Understanding - all regenerative practices are aligned and organized into one clear system